10 creepy things found in Google maps

Naked Man Google photo

Everyone is familiar with Google Maps, I mean at one or another you used it to define a place you don’t know where it’s located or you want to get direction somewhere and the way it works, there are many vehicles that Google has with a bunch of cameras and it goes around and starts taking photos, that’s how you can find places. Especially if you use the street view and there are some very creepy images on Google Maps. Below are 10 creepy images we found for you.

1. Badlands Guardian

Badlands Guardian

This was first discovered on Google Maps in 2006 near Medicine Hat Alberta Canada. The figure was created by erosion the shape is said to be a few hundred years old and it was created without any human intervention. If you look close it looks as though the Guardian is wearing earbuds this is because they created a road on the site which led to an oil well considering that this was not man-made it is pretty amazing and a bit creepy.

2 Blood Lake

Blood lake

This strange-looking Lake was discovered on Google in 2007 it’s located near Sadr City, Iraq there are a few theories as to why the lake is blood red in colour some people say that it is always being filled with blood that is distorted by a nearby slaughterhouse. Other theories suggest that the colour is due to sewage pollution and water treatment processes since this photo was discovered the lake has returned to a normal colour, chances are as soon as this photo went viral whatever was being done to make the water blood red was stopped immediately.

3. Almere Crime Scene

Almere crime scene

In April 2013 this photo was discovered on Google Maps it was taken on a lake near Almere, Netherlands the photo looks like a bloody corpse being dragged across the pier into the water people became so worried about the photo that they contacted the police it turned out the photo was taken between 1 and 3 years ago, therefore, the police couldn’t do much of an investigation. After the photo was looked at closely it was determined that a man and his dog had climbed out of the water, creating a water trail down the pier for a while people were worried that they had witnessed a murder the fact climbed out of the water creating a water trail down the pier for a while people were worried that they had witnessed a murder the fact that you can see the man and his dog if you blow up the photo makes  this photo much easier to look at

4. Richmond Crime Scene

Richmond crime scene

Crime scene photo was found on Google Maps in 2009 while the coordinates are no longer available the photo was taken along the Richmond, California in the photo you can see the victim lying on the ground had several officers nearby the victim was a 14 year old boy named Kevin Pereira sadly the murder is still unsolved after the photo went viral Google replaced it out of respect for the victim’s family Google execs agreed that this grieving family did not need a constant reminder of their son’s death, unfortunately, no photos were taken during the murder which could have helped to catch the boys killer

5. Penis Shaped Church

penis shaped church

This one is actually pretty disturbing considering it is actually the top of a church it is the Illinois Christian Science church located in Dixon, Illinois when you’re on the ground looking at the building it looks like your typical Church the architect who designed the church intended the building to curl around a large tree on the property so that they didn’t have to go through the trouble of cutting it down it may look normal from the ground but from the air it looks very inappropriate.

6. Face of Jesus

face of Jesus

The face of Jesus was found on Google Maps in Hungary it is a basic photo of the landscape from above, however if you look close you can see the face of Jesus Christ it is actually pretty amazing and religious fanatics all over the world believe that it is a sign that he will be resurrected again since this photo was discovered more and more people are visiting this area because they believe it is a holy land.

7. Random Bunny

random bunny

The bunny was discovered on google maps in Piedmont, Italy it is a 200 foot long knitted rabbit randomly placed on the ground who put a bunny this size on the ground in Italy is still unknown it does make for a great photo and a great mystery.

 8. Swastika Navy Base

swastika Navy base

When you’re driving around the US Navy base in California you would think that it’s just a regular Navy base if you look at it from above on Google Maps however, it resembles a swastika, this is due to the way that the buildings were placed at least you cannot see it from the ground according to the US Navy the shape of the buildings is just due to the placement and there are no anti-Semites reasons for the photo.

9. Naked Man

Naked Man Google photo

This photo from Google Maps Street View is actually quite disturbing the photo was taken in Mannheim in southwest Germany the photo shows a naked man coming out of the trunk of a Mercedes on the ground near the car is a dog that is either sleeping or dead of the ten creepy things found in Google Maps this is one of the creepiest.

10. Crabszilla

Crabszilla Photo

Crabzilla photo was taken by the mouth of Kent Harbor in the UK the photo looks just like a gigantic crab right off the harbor if there were actually a crab this big it could change the way you look at crabs forever, chances are this isn’t a real crab it could just be the way that the sand moved with the wind and the water.

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