10 Things Married People Are Tired Of Hearing!

Often we run into married people or even people who are about to tie the knot and we ask these questions about their plans. And even though we may have no intentions of hurting them, the way we ask the questions or phrase them has the tendency to annoy them. So just so you know here are some of the things married people are tired of answering:

    1. “So when do you plan to have kids?”

This is the general question every adult in the family asks. Even though they didn’t mean to intrude, they happen to do it so naturally that you understand if you want to be nice to them or not.

  1. How does it matter what you eat? You are married!

A common statement made by all your single friends every day and in every situation possible. It’s their way of saying that anyone who is married cannot or should not want to have a life. And that’s when you want to punch them in the face.

  1. Where is your husband or wife?

Every social gathering you go to, you are expected to arrive in pairs. Since you are married you are supposed to be attached at the hip in everything that you do in life. Well, when people understand that marriage doesn’t mean being tied up.

  1. Hey, so what’s married life like? Any tips or insights?

All your single friends constantly poke you with this question anytime you share a cute story about your marriage. They constantly want to either give their advice or try to see if there are any dangers towards getting hitched.

  1. How are you going to live the rest of your life with just one person?

Well, this is a very immature question to ask and especially if the person who is getting married is having cold feet themselves. We guess that this question is asked because the person hasn’t found the right person for themselves yet.

  1. Are you pregnant?

Anytime you crave for desserts or something tangy, your colleagues or friends are bound to ask you this. Just because you are married doesn’t mean that you only think about kids. And having desserts doesn’t mean pregnant, just means that the inner kid is on a sugar rush.

  1. Was it love or arranged marriage?

A head tilt, big eyes, a cheeky smile and this question often make you want to kill the person for asking so. Especially when someone doesn’t believe that you are married they always tend to this and try to see what kind of person you are and how colourful your life is?

  1. So when are we meeting your husband or wife?

The minute you have mentioned that you are married, people often want to meet your better half. Now most of us like that feeling of concern, but sometimes we wish they wouldn’t ask as it feels like they want to the secrets in our married life.

  1. What’s the use of getting married?

Anytime you don’t get food from home or book a cab to go home, people end up making a sarcastic comment saying what’s the point of getting married if you still are dependent on other things. It’s as though your spouse cannot have a life of their own and that you cannot survive without them.

  1. You don’t cook or your husband really cooks?

This is said especially with regards to all the assumptions of who does what in a married relationship. So if the husband cooks or the wife drives it is either taken in a surprising way or a shocking way.

All you married folks in the house, don’t you agree?

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