11 Stunning Photos Of King Khan of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan’s House Mannat!

The king of hearts for a million women and truly the Baadshah of Bollywood, it is a known fact that Shahrukh Khan must lead a royal life! But glimpses of this royal life has been rare, here is presenting to you a peek inside SRK’s palace; his home Mannat. This what prayers are made of, this is what dreams are made of, take a look for yourself:

Shahrukh Khan’s House Mannat

1) This is all most outsiders get to see of the large bungalow that is built in a terraced format


2) Unless of course, they were flying a drone, in which case this is the bird’s eye-view of Mannat and its rather simple terrace.

3) This is a photoshopped image as the rest of the house in the rear cannot be viewed, but this is how the façade looks from the front, descending into the gardens.

4) Finally, for that much-awaited peak into the interiors. Rough wall finishing provides for an aesthetic backdrop against which stands many artworks and other décor items.

5) Interesting installations and curios on display.

6) The living room looks warm and inviting, seen here is a wall sporting antique Christian iconography that wife Gauri Khan had framed and inserted as a part of the décor. We sure do love it!

7) More of the stunning living room, plush velvet settees and a mixture of furniture can be seen, we can’t help but get an eclectic vibe going here!

8) The dining is in a similar colour palette, more interesting artwork on the walls, mix and match chairs and an elegant overhead lighting fixture of candles!

9) We are getting to see more of the eclectic decor, unable to spot it in this picture, simply look for the cast shoe placed so uniquely on the coffee tea table!

10) Gauri in her walk-in closet that looks stunning with her display of designer wear, accessories and that gorgeous dressing table that was custom designed as a gift for her.

11) A parting shot of the home and its fascinating collection of curios and other memorabilia!

We thoroughly enjoyed this walk-through of Shahrukh Khan’s house Mannat as first seen in the Architectural Digest. We hope you did too!

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