3 Pets Anyone Can Have in Any House and 2 Ways to Get a Pet Friendly House

gunnia pigs

Pets are the root cause of happiness in our life. They nurture our well being and make us responsible, sensitive humans.

It’s a big challenge for bachelors to take care of their pets. Pets require timely attention, care and nurturing. Bachelors are independent and never know when and how they will return home to their pet. Additionally, it’s really difficult to find a rented apartment that allows pets.

3 Pets that anyone can have in any house

1. Hamster


A pair of hamsters stand last in the list of troublemakers. They like to live in their cage and entertain themselves with each other’s company and hamster toys. You don’t have to feed them time and again. Just put some grains in their food bowl, fill their water bowl up and they are sorted.

Even if you don’t keep them in a cage and keep a fixed place for their food and water, they’re good to go.

2. Rabbit


Hopping and jumping around the whole house, a pair of bunnies won’t bother you at all. They will decide a place to relieve themselves and find their food. You can also train them to do the same. Plus, they don’t demand much attention. You can feed them anything that looks green! Well, almost. We mean, coriander, carrots, spring onions and the likes. They don’t understand human language and it’s better that you don’t try to talk to them. They’re too cute to ignore though!

3. Goldfish or Betta Fish

gold fish

It takes no effort to take care of a Goldfish or a Betta fish. Mind you, we’re not talking about a fish tank here but, single fish in a fishbowl. They make for pretty pets and they’re known to be therapeutic.

You just have to clean the bowl once a week and put the food before you leave the house in the morning and when you come back after finishing your day.

4. Guinea Pigs

gunnia pigs

Make sure you get a pair with the duo of the same sex. They are best known to be happy with another partner of the same sex when living in the same house. All you need to get these brats is some vegetables on sale or pellets. Put them in a roomy cage and they will entertain themselves while you watch the show.

These pets are equally cute and adorable as the overrated dogs or cats. The only difference is, these animals are more peaceful and do not demand attention like a do hungry-for-love.

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