7 Superstars Who Rejected Movie Baahubali


Bahubali, a new history-making film in Bollywood, is on top today. Film and filmmakers are not left behind in earning money. Baahubali 2 is the first Indian movie to earn Rs 1500 crore at global box office. S. S. Rajamauli who was director of this film has done many revelations related to the film’s hit. He wanted to have some of the top actors from the Bollywood to be a part of his film. But many actors turned down him.

But now the movie has broken almost all the records possible and the actors of the movie are now basking in the glory.

Hrithik Roshan as Bahubali

Hrithik Roashan As Bahuballi

The director Rajamouli had chosen first Hrithik Roshan for this film. According to him, Hritik was the best actor for this role because his body and personality would fit as a king but Hrithik turned down the film, due to which he was busy shooting for Mohan Jodaro.

John Abraham as Bhallaldev

john abraham as bhallaldev

Rana Daggubati has done the role of Villain Bhallaldev in the movie Bahubali. Initially, this role was offered to John Abraham. Raja Mauli said he had sent the script to John but he did not bother to reply and the result was in front. Today John repents that if he did that role himself, then today he would be on top.

Vivek Oberoi as Bhallaldev

Vivek Oberoi as Bhallaldev

After John’s refusal, Rajamuli offered the same role to Vivek Oberoi, who had played the role villain in Krrish 3. But Vivek also refused to play the role Bhallaldev’s because of a negative character.

Sridevi as ShivaGami

Sridevi as Shivgami Devi

Sridevi was approached for the role of Rajmaata Sivagami Devi. But the film did not intrigue the actress. The same role was given to Ramya Krishnan.

Sonam Kapoor as Avantika

Soonam Kapoor as Avantika

In Bahubali Part 1, the highest interaction was on Avantika, which was played by Tamanna Bhatia. Sonam Kapoor’s was the first name for this role came in director mind, but Rajamuli wanted to sign 2 years Bond for which Sonam refused.

Nayantara as DevSena

Rajamouli had chosen Nayantara for a role like Devsena, but the south beauty rejected the offer!

Mohanlal as Katappa

Mohanlal s Kattappa

Tollywood’s superstar Mohanlal was chosen for Katappa, but he refused to do it, then Satyraj went on to create history by rolling Katappa. In this film, the Tara Satyaraj has seen the role of Katappa, and it seems that nobody can match them all over the world.

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