7 things Indians should stop doing when they travel

There are so many mistakes that the travellers make that leads to wastage of time, money and missed opportunities. It is simple to say what to do while travelling, but many people forget about the things that shouldn’t.

Get to know some of the common travelling mistakes that you must avoid. Many people make mistakes, but by doing the things wrong, you’ll never know how to do it right. By avoiding the mistakes mentioned below, you’ll travel cheaper, more extended and even smarter.

1-Pose of the Titanic

The titanic pose has been done by many people until death. We understand that your love is as deep as Kate and Jack and it will go beyond, but better spare the travellers who are travelling with you from the embarrassment that they might face while you are going to do this.

2-Indians always overpack

The idea of going out on vacation is not to settle down there; you are just going on a holiday to enjoy for few days. Make sure that you only pack the belongings with you that you might feel vital for you. You don’t need to pack the whole wardrobe just for the vacation of 2-3 days.

3-Talking loudly on phone

It is not the era of 1990, nowadays, connections of the phone are decent, so it would be better if you keep the pitch low.

4-Defacing world-famous monuments and heritage

Destroying the monuments by writing your name or your lover’s name on it is wrong and should be avoided. In fact, if you see any other person doing it, stop them also.

5-Spitting and Loitering anywhere

How difficult is it to find the dustbin to dump your bottles and plastic wrappers? If there’s nothing around you, keep them in the plastic bag and then drop whenever you seeit. Also, spitting is just disgusting.

6-Staring at girls and clicking their random pictures

Staring at a girl constantly who you don’t know is creepy and even clicking their photographs is considered as the uncultured behaviour. It is better to avoid this and also ask others to stop doing it.

7-Walking to an unknown woman for friendship

Why don’t you mind your own business? Let the girls enjoy. Not everyone looks for the party, friendship or fun. People come on holidays for some peace and to chill.

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