Bollywood Stars Expensive Vanity Vans!

Nowadays the celebrities are using most compactable Vans, Which Are Known As  “Vanity Vans”. In which  They travel  Elsewhere. The Vans Are redesigned for the purpose of Luxuries. Here in this session, we are going to deal with the Awesome 13 Richest  And Compact  Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Stars

Shahrukh  Khan Vanity Van

shahrukh khan vanity van

Badshah has the vanity van of about 4 Crore Rupees, Which had made by Dilip Chhabria. Dilip had chosen Volvo B9R for the vanity van and resigned it. And the bus has the length of about 14 meters long. The colour of the bus is Space Grey. The interior of this van look likes the stone palaces. Dilip team had used the most expensive LED, wooden roof and all. Shahrukh had adviced Dilip to have Apple televisions with 4K in all the rooms, the Wifi facility.

Sanjay Datt Vanity Van

sanjay dutt vanity van

The Big rock music lover has a vanity van of about 3.5 Crore Rupees, Which is also made by Dilip Chhabria. Once Sanjay Datt had offered his vanity van to AXL Rose band for a concert in Mumbai. He has an inspiration with airforce from which he had been made this vanity car from Dilip Chhabria. The car has a hi-tech designed light system with a detachable computer having an internet connection, Two big high screen televisions and have a gaming are inside the bus.

Hrithik Roshan Vanity Van

Hrithik Roshan Vanity Van

Hrithik Roshan the superhero and the top handsome person in Asia have a vanity van which has been made by Dilip Chhabria himself. The length is about 12 meters long,  Hrithik van mainly focuses on the meeting which will occur in that van and for the makeup which is very important to a Bollywood actor. The Vanity van has white texture inside it with the paradise wheels and expensive wooden. The first section is mainly dedicated to the meetings and with 52 inch- LCD TV.

Vivek Oberoi Vanity Van

vivek oberoi vanity van

As all the vanity vans of all Bollywood stars have been made by Dilip Chhabria. This can also be made by Dilip Chhabria for 2.5 crore rupees.  Which have a length of 10.5 meters long? Vivek has advised being like rock star look and the van look likes that. The van has multi-level flooring with a large bed in the centre. This van has vacuum toilet system which is unique from other vanity vans.

Ritesh Deshmukh Vanity Van

ritesh deshmukh vanity van

They have made by Dilip Chhabria with a cost of around 2 crore rupees, This van is most compactly in the industry. Having the length of 7 meters. This has been designed very simple, enraptured and seemingly correct. As all know Ritesh Deshmukh himself is an architecture and likes Futuristic embroidery design. The colour of the van is steel grey. And have a 42 inch LCD TV with beautiful colour changing the lighting.

Ajay Devgan Vanity Van

ajay devgan vanity van

Singham… Ajay Devgn has built his vanity van from Dilip Chhabria. The van looks like a sports car with a beautiful design inside it. The car includes an office, room, a restroom and a kitchen. At the time of Higham returns, Ajay has modified his van and built a small gym in it as to maintain his health. This can have a well-equipped space.

Salman Khan Vanity Van

salman khan vanity van

It is said that the vanity van of Salman Khan is very simple and having a portrait of Salman Khan on the walls, the van matches the personality of Salman.

Deepika  Padukone Vanity Van

deepoka padukone vanity van

Deepika Padukone’s Vanity car is custom made, which is completed by Vinita Chaitanya who lives in Bangalore. The van is 8 ft broad and 6.5 ft tall in size.  Mainly the van has been divided into 3 partitions. One is the private zone of Deepika another one is for staff and other is for pantry and washroom.

Anil Kapoor Vanity Van

anil kapoor vanity

Anil Kapoor has built their vanity car from Bonny Chhabria. With the costing around 1.91 crores. And the van having the length of 13 meters.  The van is occupied by an office room, makeup room, 2 restrooms which are divided for guests and for actor himself. Having a large sofa-cum-bed which is broadly occupied one.

Varun Dhawan Vanity Van

varun dhavan vanity van

Varun Dhawan gets new vanity van. Vanity van is the second home to actors so it’s important to have a comfortable one. Actors prefer to keep it renovated, the recent actor who got a new vanity van is Varun Dhawan as his old vanity van met with an accident earlier. His vanity looks serene unlike him.

Alia Bhatt Vanity Van

Alia bhatt Vanity van

The relative newcomer also has a pretty funky personalized vanity van for herself the vanity has been designed by Amrita Mahal who was the production designer for Two States, Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani and Student of the Year. Alia Vanity consists of graffiti on the wall colourful cushions a quirky side lamp and a pink flamingo which makes it look quite quirky and beautiful.

Akshay Kumar Vanity Van

akshay kumar vanity van

Khiladi of Bollywood industry, Akshay gave her vanity name Agastya. Vanity is white in colour which looks pretty impressive both inside and outside. The van has all the luxuries that match the standard lifestyle of Khiladi too much extent.

Soonam Kapoor Vanity Van

soonam kapoor vanity van

This Bollywood diva style is on a different level and so is her Vanity too it is a perfect place for an in-house party it has comfortable couches and beige colour furniture along with that it has a place where Sonam can meet people for meetings.

Priyanka Chopra Vanity Van

priyanka chopra vanity van

She is hands-down one of the hardest working women in showbiz apart from doing Hollywood films TV shows producing movies and countless photo shoots PC is also a dedicated UNICEF ambassador. Apart from hectic shooting time, PC loves to spend her spare time in her vanity van. Her vanity van has music system inside, a bedroom, and all comforts to match Priyanka’s style.

Manisha Lamba Vanity Van

manisha lamba vanity van

Maisha Lamba has joined the host of other Bollywood celebrity with her latest purchase. The actress has bought a high-tech customized van for herself. Actors often have to wait for hours in between shoots couch out here which rules out into a bed. We hope this van will helpManishaa beat the heat.

Malaika Arora Vanity Van

malaika arora vanity van

Bollywood Munni looks fabulous as she posed inside her vanity van.

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