Man has spent hundreds of crores to look like a doll

Human Dollar Rodrigo Alves, who has spent almost every part of his body to look just like a doll, is in India these days. However, this time he has not been here for plastic surgery but he has come here to shoot a Bollywood film. According to Rodrigo, they actually came to India to work in Bollywood film. Famous Instagram star Rodrigo Alves has recently posted photos of his India tour on social media under the name of Human Doll.


Human Doll Rodrigo
In these photos, Rodrigo can be seen walking around the historical and religious places of different cities of India.

Human Doll Rodrigo In India

Rodrigo has also shared many photos while doing Yoga.

Human Doll Rodrigo

Rodrigo says that here I got so much good atmosphere in India, that for the last 14 days, they are leaving tea and drugs only on tea diets.

Human Doll Rodrigo

In an interview given to Mail Online, Rodrigo said that his life has changed greatly by coming to India and he has now started thinking about getting rid of alcohol and party.

Human Doll Rodrigo

Rodrigo said that his dream has always been to become a prince and he also got the role of Prince of Denmark in the Bollywood film.

Human Doll Rodrigo

Brazilian living Rodrigo has so far spent 4.5 million pounds (about 4 million rupees) on his body and still wants surgery to get a waist.

However, Rodrigo has not revealed what Bollywood film he is working for.

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