Mumbai Police lashes Out Varun Dhawan For Selfie Stunt

Mumbai police have accused the actor Varun Dhawan of taking a selfie with a girl in a moving car on the road. After this, he apologized. Indeed, the photo of Varun Dhawan, who to a k selfie with the girl, is getting viral on social media since Thursday morning. After this news came to light, the Mumbai Police took action and told them to send the e-challan. Also, it has instructed not to do this again.

‘We expected better from a responsible Mumbaikar and youth icon like you,’ wrote Mumbai Police, also adding that the actor should expect an ‘e-challan’ or a fine soon.

After a while, Varun Dhawan also responded to the tweet with an apology

In turn, Mumbai Police replied saying that they’re glad Varun Dhawan took their message in the right spirit.

Meanwhile, Twitter reacted to Mumbai Police’s stern tweet:

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