Remember The Train Selfie Accident Video? Apparently It Was A Prank

There was a viral video about a man being hit by a train while taking a selfie video. But later in the week the same man and his friends uploaded a video saying this video is a prank and it was made to let people know the value of life over selfies.

But unfortunately for him the speeding train hits the youth and the video ends as the phone falls from his hands.

Multiple media reports claimed that the youth had suffered serious injuries on head and hand, but survived.

The news spread like wildfire and once again reiterated growing number of selfie accidents in India.

But now there is a new twist in the entire narrative…

Apparently, the youth was never hit by the train and the entire video was staged! According to ABN Telugu, a regional news channel the video was faked by Shiva and his friends.

The news channel has aired a new video of Shiva, accompanied by his friends making fun of the video.

Nellutla Kavitha‏, a journalist working with the news channel tweeted the video saying the youth who works as a gym instructor has been absconding since the video went viral.

The channel in its report claimed that the youth has been arrested since.

source: India Times

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