Unexplored & Secret Beaches in Goa No One Told You About That

butterfly Beach in Goa

As You all have seen some beaches In India in which Goa is specially meant for this, There are many places to visit in Goa, but there are many such beaches other than the famous places in Goa, where you will not be disappointed, especially the Secret Beach of Goa. Let’s tell you about the Secret Beach of Goa, about whom people generally know little.

Unknown & Secret Beaches in Goa


kakolem beach in Goa

Kakolem Beach which is also known as Tiger beach. The which is around 31 km away from Margao city. The beach is mostly lonely and deserted And there isn’t much activity going around, however, the beach is an awesome spot for adventure lover and explorer. One of the least crowded beaches of Goa where you can relax completely.


Cola Beach in Goa

If you wish to get away from regular tourist activity, to arrive at this beach. Even locals who don’t live nearby have never heard of this beach before. There is no it hurts system followed on this beach as you will see only tense made in Rajasthani style.


Agonda Beach in Goa

Agonda which is just the ideal location for playing on a picnic with your loved ones. The rocky crag and the Southern tip of the beach against an azure sky plans a bit of drama to the serene landscape. You can’t miss there black caps and orange-brown faces.


Betul Beach in Goa

Betul beach is located south of Mobor beach across the salt river. Batul beach is also known as the fishing beach of Goa if you love fishing this is the best place to have fun. The place is also home to the Betul Fort.


butterfly Beach in Goa

This tiny Beach lies on the butterfly Iceland and it is a wonderful place with bro in crystal clear waters. Here at the beautiful beach, you will have a stunning opportunity to observe amazingly lovely and the most otherworldly nightfall you could just find in your life.


Galijibag Beach Goa

The beach is also named as the turtle beach as it is one of the three unknown beaches. Where the state runs a program for all you tortoise saving and protecting and the northern part of the beach is reserved for the same. The Galgibaga beach is one of the unknown location in Goa and offers a perfect space for the solitary with a visitor.


Arambol Beach In Goa

Arambol beach one of the beautiful place in Goa. But it is unknown in Goa. The area is slowly gaining in popularity attract more bohemian crowd Tum its shorelines. This beach is ideal for yoga, and meditation seasons this cove like beach has a gently carve marking and it is safe for swimming.


Siridao Beach in Goa

Siridao beach unique beach and unknown in Goa. Most people here engaged in fishing activities and you can also you can also enjoy a fishing trip at siridao beach along with the locals. This that is an amazing place for Honeymooning couple and seclusion seekers.


Hollant Beach In Goa

This beach is an unknown particularly known for it’s serenity and landscape and not to be missed when travelling Goa. The serenity the scenic view and eateries and shacks churning out some yummy seafood dishes.


SINQUERIM Beach in Goa

It is a great spot to sit in place while enjoying the colours of the setting sun light up the sky over the Arabian Sea. But this beach is unknown in Goa. It is a perfect place for swimming and one out not to miss going to this shoreline when vacationing in Goa to enjoy the activities.


velsao beach in goa

Velsao beach here you can get to witness the flowers extends to white sand that is ideal for unwinding, walking and sunbathing. This beach is very close to an environment to enjoy this any beach can be reached by Bogmalo Colva and major beaches. This beach is the hotspot for honeymoons looking for natural science beauty with invigorating retreat.

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