A woman got 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie

A young Iranian girl has become the online controversy in November 2017 after many news reports reported that she is gone with several plastic surgeries just to look like Angelina Jolie. Her goal of looking like Angelina Jolie is still unproven and also her appearance looks like cosmetic surgeries are done on her.

The news agency of Belgian reported that SharTabar, Iranian woman had undergone approximately 50 plastic surgeries to look like her favourite celebrity in just a few months. She even lost 40 kilos of weight in the effort to resemble just like the actress.

Before Surgery Shee Look Like This 

This story got picked by many websites in India, U.S, and Saudi Arabia among others. The site of the Belgian stated that her age is of 22 years old, while others reported that she is only 19.

Tabar’s mention of the makeup and technology suggested that her photos might have been altered digitally or she might have achieved unusual look through the application of prosthetics or cosmetics. The post posted by Tabar even inserted that people who are criticizing her were only jealous and in flames.


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